1. Run when it’s over
  2. It’s only love
  3. Dig
  4. Good times
  5. talkin’ to me
  6. Cold air breezin’
  7. A little R&R
  8. Like it
  9. Ain’t seen you
  10. Queens
  11. Do you love me

Recorded at Brygga Studios and Nidaros Studios, Trondheim 1996/1997.
Engineer at Brygga Studios: Lars Lien
Engineer at Nidaros Studios: Rune Nordal
Produced by Torstein Flakne.

Torstein Flakne: Vocals, guitars
Terje Storli: Bass
Morten Skogstad: Drums

Additional musicians:
Trond Hustad: Keyboards
Background vocals: Aslak Johnsen, Dag Ingebrigtsen

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